Sydney launch

Image Daniel Boud, Tourism NSW

Image Daniel Boud, Tourism NSW

Thanks to everybody who came along to the Sydney launch of our second issue on December 12 and to the contributors who read at the event: Mark Tredinnick, Tessa Lunney, Erin Martine Sessions, Daniel East, Chris Oakey, Elias Greig, and Luke Whitington. Poetry editor Theodore Ell read Antigone Kefala‘s ‘The Fatal Queen’. Editor Matthew Asprey read extracts from Mimi Lipson‘s ‘Safe, Courteous, Reliable’ and Floyd Salas‘s ‘Steve Nash, Homosexual Transient’.

Contrappasso 2 Launch Events

We’re pleased to announce that the new blockbuster 400-page issue #2 of Contrappasso Magazine will be launching at two events in Australia in December 2012.

On Saturday December 8 we’ll be at Manning Clark House in Canberra (4pm start). On Wednesday December 12 we’ll be back at Sappho Books in Glebe, Sydney (6pm start).

The new issue contains Anthony May‘s never-before-published 65-page interview with the legendary Elmore Leonard; ‘STR82ANL’, a new novella by British writer Clive Sinclair (accompanied by a career-spanning interview); a long narrative by film writer David Thomson; fiction by Mimi Lipson and John Salazar; a memoir by Australian jazz musician Paul Pax Andrews; an essay by Peter Doyle; and poetry by Antigone Kefala, Chris Andrews, Tessa Lunney, Erin Martine Sessions, Mark Tredinnick, Daniel East, Mark O’Connor, Paolo Totaro, Chris Oakey, Elias Greig, Luke Whitington, Paolo Fabrizio Iacuzzi, and Floyd Salas.

If you don’t happen to live in Canberra or Sydney, you can buy a copy of the new magazine here:

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Many thanks to the many people who attended the launch of Contrappasso Magazine‘s premiere issue at Sappho Books in Glebe last night. It was a raging success. We were thrilled to feature readings by Vanessa Berry, Elias Greig, Pip Muratore, Lindsay Tuggle, Tessa Lunney, Chris Oakey, Fiona Yardley, and Paolo Totaro.

Contrappasso expresses its gratitude to the folks at Sappho Books for their generosity and hospitality.

Don’t forget, you can buy the magazine as a paperback @, for Kindle Ereader, or in other ebook formats @ Smashwords.

One week from launch party in Sydney

A reminder! The official launch party to celebrate the first issue of Contrappasso, a new independent magazine of international writing, is Wednesday 1 August at Sappho Books, 51 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe in Sydney.

The launch begins at 6.30pm. Expect readings from our contributors Paolo Totaro, jet-setting Vanessa Berry, Lindsay Tuggle, and others. Buy a handsome paperback copy for $10 and get it signed by our august contributors. See what’s happening on the margins of the publishing industry.

What’s the deal?

So we’re rolling, folks. Welcome to Contrappasso, a new magazine of international writing.

Over the next six weeks, material from issue #1 of the print edition of Contrappasso will appear on a daily basis here at the magazine blog. We’ll also be featuring exclusive multimedia material including audio clips from Noel King’s 2005 interview with the late James Crumley, video footage from our launch at Sappho Books in Sydney on August 1, and much more.

So please follow our blog via email to keep updated. You can also ‘Like’ our Facebook page.

Buy a copy of the magazine as a PAPERBACK at for US$10, a KINDLE ebook for $US5, or in other ebook formats at for $US5. That’s a pretty good deal.