F. H. Batacan (and Andrea Passion Flores) by Noel King (from issue #8)

Judith Beveridge by Theodore Ell (from issue #6)

Jose Dalisay by Noel King (from issue #6)

Lawrence Block by Matthew Asprey (from issue #6)

Elmore Leonard: The Contrappasso Interviews by Anthony May (from issue #2)

James Crumley by Noel King (from issue #1)

Lester Goran by Matthew Asprey (from issue #1): Parts 1, 2, and 3

Clive Sinclair by Matthew Asprey (from issue #2): at the Los Angeles Review of Books plus a few words with Clive Sinclair on ‘Death & Texas’

The Crate-Diggers’ Symposium by Matthew Asprey (from issue #4): Introduction, 1. Ian Nagoski; 2. Jonathan Ward; 3. Marshall Wyatt; 4. Mike McGonigal

Richard Misek by Matthew Asprey (from Writers at the Movies)

Loren Glass by Matthew Asprey (a Contrappasso Extra)

Print-On-Demand and the Future of Independent Publishing
by Matthew Asprey (a Contrappasso Extra)
Part 1: A conversation with Matthew Stadler
Part 2: A conversation with Matthew Moring