Cold War, Hot Dogs by Peter Doyle (from issue #1)

The Smockey Bar by Mimi Lipson (from issue #1)

Safe, Reliable, Courteous by Mimi Lipson (from issue #2)

The Other Side of the Pier by Guadalupe Nettel (translated by Elvira Quintana, from issue #3)

Danville Girl by Anthony May (from issue #3)

From ‘The Garden of Sorrows’ by John Hughes (with etchings by Marco Luccio, from issue #3)

Painting Women by Elisabeth Murray (from issue #4)

Sissa by Jon A. Jackson (from issue #6)

Dear Jesus by R. Zamora Linmark (from issue #6)

Nirvana by Kent Harrington (from issue #8)

Love in Mini Stops by Andrea Pasion-Flores (from issue #8)