from Issue #4: Poetry by Phillip A. Ellis

Photo (CC) neueweide @ Flickr

Photo (CC) neueweide @ Flickr


After a Shower

After a shower, when refreshed, and you enter
the main room where a fire is burning, you turn on
the radio, and listen to folk music
from Canada, and imagine the people.

You drink from a glass of red wine, are happy
enough to be content, and open
a paperback, but not read Erica Jong, but wander
in your mind as you linger, gaze at the open fire.

In another year you will do something similar,
with a tv set with Dorothy L. Sayers,
the one where they find the Russian dead,
and in doing so, you find yourself,

and you do not consider the winter, gone now,
and you do not consider whether you have surrendered.




The Drowning City

It will rain for a million years,
if not now then some moment nearby,
the daily stormclouds risen high
into the atmosphere, with thunder.

The city’s easily cowed beneath
the breath of water, saying prayers
that even I am not so willing
to say, not in this age or aeon.




Phillip A. Ellis is a freelance critic, poet and scholar, and his poetry collection, The Flayed Man, has been published by Gothic Press. He is working on another collection, to appear through Diminuendo Press. Another collection has been accepted by Hippocampus Press, which has also published his concordance to the poetry of Donald Wandrei. He is the editor of Melaleuca. He has recently had Symptoms Positive and Negative a chapbook of poetry, and Arkham Monologues, a poetry pamphlet, published. His website is

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