Contrappasso 4 and Noir: Now available @

Thanks to everybody who came along to the November 27 Sydney launch of our two new issues of Contrappasso: the regular issue #4 and the special Noir Issue. It was a great night of readings and celebration. Thanks to the Midnight Special bar in Newtown for their hospitality.

Paperback copies of both issues are now for sale at The ebook versions are forthcoming. Here’s what you’ll find in the new issues:


Writings in memory of Seamus Heaney by Iggy McGovern, John Dennison, and Marco Sonzogni.

☻ The Crate-Diggers’ Symposium: in-depth interviews with America’s leading rare music anthologists Ian Nagoski, Jonathan Ward, Marshall Wyatt, & Mike McGonigal.

☻New fiction by Juan Villoro, Clive Sinclair, and Elisabeth Murray.

☻ Poetry by David Howard, Hong Ying, John Leonard, Tegan Jane Schetrumpf, Joe Dolce, Paolo Fabrizio Iacuzzi, Mira Peck, Chris Oakey, Mikhail Yeryomin, Morris Lurie, Rogelio Guedea, Erin Martine Sessions, Floyd Salas, Phillip A. Ellis, Richard Tipping, & Todd Turner.

Edited by Matthew Asprey & Theodore Ell.



A grab-bag of essays, interviews, and classic and new noir poetry. We cover everything from The Maltese Falcon to The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, from Dashiell Hammett to Charles Willeford and Walter Mosley.

☻ Essays by Luc Sante, Lester Goran, Dahlia Schweitzer & Toby Miller, Morris Lurie, Andrew Nette, Mick Counihan, Noel King, and Matthew Asprey.

Poetry by Barry Gifford, Nicholas Christopher, Suzanne Lummis, Jonathan Aaron, Robert Mezey, Chris Oakey, and Floyd Salas.

Interviews with Adrian Wootton, Matthew Moring, and Dennis McMillan.

Edited by Matthew Asprey & Noel King.

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