from Issue #2: Poetry by Mark Tredinnick

Photo (CC) Alex Holzknecht @ Flickr

Photo (CC) Alex Holzknecht @ Flickr


Issue 2 published six new poems by Mark Tredinnick. They are presented here in PDF to preserve their unique formatting.



Mark Tredinnick—winner of the Montreal Poetry Prize in 2011 and of the Cardiff Poetry Prize in 2012—is the author of Fire Diary, The Blue Plateau, Australia’s Wild Weather and nine other acclaimed works of poetry and prose. His new collection, Bluewren Cantos, will be out in early 2014. Raised in suburban Sydney, Tredinnick did time as a lawyer before working for a decade in book publishing. He has lived in Sydney and in the Blue Mountains; these days he lives and writes along the Wingecarribee River, where he is at work on Reading Slowly at the End of Time and an anthology of Australian love poetry (Inkerman & Blunt, 2013). Read more at Mark’s website:

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