Contrappasso 2: Now Available


The blockbuster 400-page issue #2 of Contrappasso Magazine is now available in print and ebook form.

The new issue contains Anthony May‘s never-before-published 65-page interview with the legendary Elmore Leonard; ‘STR82ANL’, a new novella by British writer Clive Sinclair (accompanied by a career-spanning interview); a long narrative by film writer David Thomson; fiction by Mimi Lipson and John Salazar; a memoir by Australian jazz musician Paul Pax Andrews; an essay by Peter Doyle; and poetry by Antigone Kefala, Chris Andrews, Tessa Lunney, Erin Martine Sessions, Mark Tredinnick, Daniel East, Mark O’Connor, Paolo Totaro, Chris Oakey, Elias Greig, Luke Whitington, Paolo Fabrizio Iacuzzi, and Floyd Salas.

You can buy the new issue here:

Other EBOOK formats @

2 thoughts on “Contrappasso 2: Now Available

    • Hi Loulou,

      At the moment there is no printed copy for sale in any Melbourne bookshop. There are copies for sale in Sydney at Gleebooks (Glebe) and Better Read Than Dead (Newtown). If you’re not comfortable ordering a copy directly from (US), contact either of the two Sydney bookshops and they may be able to ship you a copy.

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