Contrappasso contributors: Paul Pax Andrews

Issue 2 of Contrappasso contains a series of excerpts from Without A Song, the new memoir by Australian jazz musician Paul Pax Andrews. The memoir is available @ Smashwords.

Bio: Paul Pax Andrews settled in Perth in 2001. An internationally acclaimed saxophonist and educator, he first appeared on the Sydney jazz scene in 1977. He studied jazz at the Sydney Conservatorium and saxophones with Howie Smith, Col Loughnan, Joe Allard and Roger Frampton.  His performances include the Monterey Jazz Festival, Expo ’86 Japan, The World Saxophone Congress Chicago, and six years with the Australian Saxophone Quartet.

Here’s Paul and the Paxassembly live in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Paul Pax Andrews, soprano saxophone; Sam Graham, trumpet; Steve Elkins, keyboards; Toby Anning, drums; Phil Waldron, bass; Pranjal Bora, tabla; Tony Monaco, vdj; Basil Psanoudakis, turntables; Alex Borthwick, guitar.


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