The Contrappasso Experiment @ The Future of Writing Conference

Editors Theodore Ell (L) and Matthew Asprey (R), photographed by Ian Woodforth.

This week Contrappasso editors Matthew Asprey and Theodore Ell appeared at the Future of Writing conference at Macquarie University, Sydney. This conference was funded by the Australian Copyright Agency Cultural Fund and convened by Professor John Potts of the Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies.

According to the official program, “the symposium brings together writers, publishers, media academics and journalists to discuss the challenges and opportunities open to writers and publishers in the digital age.”

Matt and Theo’s presentation was titled ‘The Contrappasso Experiment’ – which sounds a little like a long-lost Robert Ludlum novel. Here’s the abstract:

Recent advances in print-on-demand and ebook technology offer alternative publishing possibilities on the margins. The editors of Contrappasso, a new independent journal of international writing, discuss the sudden viability of experimental publishing projects.

Click play below to listen to a recording of the presentation November 14, 2012. Matthew Asprey speaks first, followed by Theodore Ell:

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