Contrappasso Issue 1: Paperback and Ebook formats available

The premiere issue of Contrappasso Magazine is now available for purchase as a PAPERBACK at for US$10, a KINDLE ebook for $US5, or in other ebook formats at for $US5.


Introduction: Instead of a Manifesto

Darkness Come Down / Floyd Salas
Band T-Shirt / Vanessa Berry

The Smockey Bar / Mimi Lipson
Don’t I Know You? / Lester Goran
Hot Dogs, Cold War / Peter Doyle

Lester Goran by Matthew Asprey
James Scott Linville by Matthew Asprey
James Crumley by Noel King

Elias Greig, Pip Muratore, Lindsay Tuggle, Tessa Lunney, Chris Oakey, Fiona Yardley, and Paolo Totaro

Stay tuned to this blog for excerpts and multimedia material.

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